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Prestige Filter Jugs

How do you introduce a new product into a well established category?

This is a range of Filtered Jugs we put together for the Prestige brand. In order to be able to compete with the more established brands in this category, we wanted to get away from traditional imagery commonly associated with filter jugs and anything filtration based.

We used a clean, illustrated look to present the range as modern and appeal to a younger audience, and also to reinforce the idea that these jugs are extremely easy to use and do not require any kind of additional care. We also used a straight-forward approach to explaining the benefits of these products to the consumers, and show them exactly how the filtration process works.

The range also had to have easy navigation, with 3 different jug designs and separate filter packs (in singles, 3 pack and 6 packs), which is why every design has a name and icon that is then shown together on the filter packs and further reinforced by the copy on the front and back as well.

Prestige Filter Jugs Prestige Filter Jugs Prestige Filter Jugs