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Level 2
37-39 Anzac Avenue
Auckland City
New Zealand

The Honey Shop

The Challenge: Create a retail brand that would stand out in the busiest retail space in Auckland.

The Honey Shop is a retail brand I created as part of an article for my magazine that will be out fairly soon. The specific challenge I set myself was that the shop would be located on the busiest street in Central Auckland - a highly saturated shopping area, filled with upscale clothing shops and fast food restaurants. Because of that, the brand story must be communicated as directly and clearly as possible to effectively engage potential customers and stand out amongst the crowd.

Since it would be too easy to just pretend there is an unlimited budget, several "realistic" limitations were placed on this project in order to make it a true challenge. In the end, the solution I came up with would be very much doable in "real life" and is very cost effective. A more detailed write-up of the process and explanations on my reasoning will be in the article.

The identity of this brand is based on two fonts: The fantastic Ostrich Sans by Tyler Finck for headings, wordmark and so on, and good ol' Avenir for paragraph text.

Fonts and Colours

The Floor / Wall Graphics / Shelf Plan.
One of the challenges with planning a shop layout is knowing where to start and how to approach this. Having a floor plan and wall diagrams to scale helps quite a lot. Because we know there are only three product, the main shop area is separated into three equal areas allowing us to focus on each product evenly.

Shop Plan Wall Plan Shopfront Interior Interior Interior Shopping Bag Packaging Truck